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Career Stories Interview With Kathleen

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Presentation Strategy Stakeholder Shareout



Promax Go Br@and Yourself Presentation

How Important is your BRAND? During Promax' Thrive Cohort we explored Brands and presented the 411 to over 2000 people.

Go Br@nd yourself Logo
InDesign User Group Presentation

I was invited to speak at the Los Angeles Chapter InDesign user group, I spoke about what it means to take chances and how even failure is a success.

Adobe InDesign User Group

Prior to presentation I had all the attendees think of what InDesign meant to them, and paint a section. Painting was later highlighted by Adobe on their LinkedIn Page.

Live Painting

2-hour painting that was created in front passer-byes during a live concert event at a local gallery.

Crossfit Aviator Signage
Crossfit Aviator Logo
Get Real Creative Logo
The Oracle Logo

Sharing repository logo for Warner Bros.

Black Bear Film Festival Poster

2021 Also design and built all social media images

Black Bear Film Festival Poster

2020 Also design and built all social media images

Black Bear Film Festival Poster

2019 Also design and built all social media images

Black Bear Film Festival Artful Bear: Holmes

Chicago has Cows, Milford, PA has Bears. Applied for and earned one of 10 spots to design an Artful bear. Earned spots for class of 2018 and 2019.

Journey Of Pennsylvania Flynn

Illustrated and Wrote a children's story about a bear who turns into a "FishBear" from eating too much fish.

WHES Student Gallery

I created a custom artwork fundraiser for local elementary school. Spent a week going from class-to-class teaching an artistic style and working with students one-on-one to create grade-themed pieces. Artwork was then framed and sold during the Book Fair to raise money to provide music and PE to the entire school.

Reclaimed Created

Created for a Seattle based Gallery show about building art out of recycled objects. Reclaimed was created from torn pieces of old Warner Bros. Presentation Printouts.


Venice Beach Sunset Triptych

25 Years Of Graphic Design

Samples of projects during my freelance career.

Desperate Housewives Promotion

Created design and wrote copy for custom spices that were included in "Call Into Win" Gift Baskets.

SAVE Website

Designed and built website for Student Action Volunteer Effort. A non-profit that runs medical mission to Myanmar.

Wedding Invite
Deuce Bigalow Press Kit

Design and Production of Press Kit package including script notes flip book, invite, cd package. First press kit ever nominated for a Hollywood Report Key Art Award. *all projects are concept, design and production unless otherwise stated

DeAngelo Wilderness Logo

Logo and Webite

Save The Date Card and Invitation

Oktoberfest Broker Save-The-Dates and Invite for town of Valencia initial residential housing sales. Includes "money" to buy "beer" and personalized "passport" to get there.

Starlight Annual Report

Annual report

Wise Senior Services Gala Invitation

5 custom Save-The-Dates and Invites for annual fundraising gala.

Wise Senior ServicesGala Invitiation

Save-The-Dates and Invites for annual fundraising gala.


Custom letterhead designs for radio station promotion recap books.


Custom Movielink Free Yearly Subscription for insertion into Award Gala Gift Bag.

Moving Announcement

Client moving announcement that accompanied custom vans sneakers for each client.

Custom Illustration

Illustration was created for T-Shirts

Strauss Insurance Website

Website design

Class Reunion Website

Website concept, design and coding, plus party event planning.

Stacy Robin Website

Branding for Stacy Robin, singer/songwriter. Website concept, design and coding.

Strategic Managemen Services Website

Branding and website concept, design and coding.

Bar Mitzvah Website Invite

Website concept, design and coding.

Holiday Gift

Custom bamboo robes, bin and card design.

707 Press Kit
707 Press Kit
Western Federal Credit Union Folder
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